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The Designer

Inspired by fashion since she was 11 years old, Dominique Ansari was determined to make it one of her greatest passions to become an accomplished designer and the head of her own label. Growing up in the small city of Jackson, Mississippi, she knew that she would have to venture out into the world to do this.  
Dominique began sketching designs at the age of 13 for fellow students for proms and even for her high school teacher for a wedding gown in which she took to a seamstress to be made. By the age of 16, she started modeling professionally at a local agency in New Orleans, but her desire to see her sketches come to life were unfulfilled.
To be in fashion was her only dream and to be involved in Any way made her feel accomplished.
By the age of 19 she had met her now husband, in which they were married in 2005. By 2006, they moved from Mississippi to Los Angeles, CA where she studied fashion design at the Art Institute of California-Hollywood.
There she learned everything there was to know about making those sketches that she always dreamed about come to life, and become wearable art. While attending the school, she was offered a chance to travel abroad for three months to live in Milan, Italy in 2007. While there she traveled to Spain, Greece, and France to which this experience opened a whole new insight for her creativity as a designer. Traveling has always inspired Dominique's Collection and bring new life to her clothing.
After graduating and obtaining her Bachelors degree with honors from AI in 2008, she went on to intern for many different companies such as XOXO, Ximena Valero, and even doing some freelance work for Golden Grove Trading CO to name a few.
Later, she was hired by a manufacturing company in which she worked as Assistant Designer for a Junior and kids apparel brand while in the southern California are. Working for a company made her realized, this was not the path that she desired; she knew she wanted something to call her own.
She started her company with her namesake after she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009, where she has participated in many fashion shows, photo-shoots, and met many friends within the industry; it was only humble beginnings to something much more greater.
Among her fellow industry peers, she is known as the most professional, open-minded, organized, and talented designer of her time. Her company after that, relocated back to the OC/LA area and she opened a working studio based in the Southern California area where Hollywood glamour meets fashion.
In March 2011, she was a Featured Headliner at LAFW for Project Ethos, in which she debuted her Fall Collection, along side many other designers and presenting in the line up right before Project Runway's Seth Aaron. This was truly a turning point for her brand, and she quickly went head on as a designer, making this her full time commitment.
Since then, she has participated in numerous trade shows such as unique LA, Threads, and has showcased her collections in New Orleans Fashion in both 2014 and 2015 shows
Dominique's latest debut was at Vancouver Fashion week held on March 19th, 2016 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, where she launched her first 17 piece couture collection and was featured on Vogue UK and Glamour UK. 

Learning the way the industry works made her more passionate about making her own name in the fashion industry, so now Dominique spends her time designing her new collections in her home in Houston,Texas and making statement pieces for glamorous women all over the world.