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Red Velvet, Plaid, and Kisses Scrunchies


Looking for a wonderful Christmas gift with that unique Christmas flare, look no further, You can buy the individual ones or the set. The scrunchies are designed with one that is a Velvet Red, Satin Plaid, and Lipstick Print. They are perfect for adding a trendy touch to your hair do!

These must have cute colors are made with high quality premium Cotton/Blend fabrics, and made for both kids and adults alike. Great for curly, straight, or thick hair, as well as heavy hair types for a care free up or down style. Can be wrapped around the hair once or twice.

-Handmade in the USA

-Content: Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabric

Care: Hand wash or machine wash cold, tumble low dry, or air dry, steam to get wrinkles out or cool iron on edges. No Bleach.

-Prints: Red Velvet, Satin Plaid print, Lipstick Print

-One size fits most, fits around hair once or twice.

-❤ Comes in full size, regular size, skinny and, Jumbo size. ❤

-🖤Regular-shows more if the print, but less fullness.🖤
-🖤Full-shows less of the print, but more fluffy. 🖤
-🖤Skinny- Less in width and fullness, but more like a hair band.🖤
-🖤Jumbo-width is wider and fuller, and larger in overall size. 🖤

You can Purchase 1, or you can get a 3Pk at a great discount of each color, in one size. For a mix of sizes and colors, please contact me, so I can setup a custom listing. If you'd like to purchase more than 3, please also contact me, so I can create a listing just for you.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if they are any issues.


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